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Based on its value and recognized performance, Techniset is the most commonly used product in the industry for No-Bake applications.


Our Techniset product portfolio is a Phenolic Urethane No-Bake (PUNB) Resin system engineered to provide a wide range of performance attributes to a variety of molding and casting processes. The HAI Techniset product line is used with a variety of molding and core-making substrates, as well as alloys.

  • Phenolic resin
  • MDI co-reactant
  • Liquid catalyst

Product productivity comes from the wide catalyst selection that gives a wide array of stripping speeds

Strip times from 2 up to 60 minutes

Product Features

  • Large product portfolio
  • Several Pt1 and Pt2s to choose from
  • The best work to strip time ratio for any no-bake system
  • High strengths development soon after stripping
  • Low resin levels
  • Excellent product flexibility
  • Sand can be easily reclaimed either by mechanical or thermal systems
  • Resin system of preference for jobbing foundries

Technical Assistance

HAI can help you optimize your operation, improve your performance, and help you choose components to meet all your core-making needs. HAI will help you choose the right Part 1 to Part 2 ratios for your operation. Contact us today and let one of our experienced employees help you find the best binder to achieve your goals.

For additional product information, contact Aaron Kaboff at