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The Betaset Cold-Box Process incorporates many of the advantages of current Cold-Box technologies while eliminating some of the disadvantages, especially those related to emissions.

The chemistry of the system is composed of a phenolic alkaline resin that is cured by methyl formate gas, which has proven to make excellent castings and reduce cleaning room time. This patented process offers many advantages over amine, SO2, or CO2-cured Cold Box systems.

The Betaset process has two distinct advantages over other existing organic Cold-Box systems, specifically: environmental improvement and casting quality. The environmental improvement is due to the fact that the resin is water-based and therefore does not have the odors or VOC issues associated with solvent-based systems. The methyl formate curing agent, Betacure 100, has no apparent unpleasant odor under normal conditions. This characteristic makes the Betaset resins more acceptable to employees.

Product Features

  • No or Low Nitrogen
  • No Sulfur
  • No Unpleasant Odors
  • Reduced Expansion Defects
  • Less susceptible to high pH substrates, it can be used with reclaimed sand

  • Good Core Storage
  • Potential for Reduced Emission Control
  • Utilize Plant Air
  • Good Shakeout in Aluminum Applications

Proven results

  • The highest levels of casting quality
  • Highly complex castings, such as thin wall thickness
  • Ideal for highly automated production
  • Can be used with many alloys

Technical Assistance

HAI can help you optimize your operation, improve your performance, and help you choose components to meet all your core-making needs. HAI will help you choose the right Part 1 to Part 2 ratios for your operation. Contact us today and let one of our experienced employees help you find the best binder to achieve your goals.

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