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Reduced Smoke • Reduced Odor

Bioset T8000 / Bioset T8500

As HAI's original low smoke and order PUNB resin system, Bioset T8000/T8500 is designed to improve the foundry environment.

Bioset T8000/T8500 binder system contains very low levels of HAPs and contains no reportable formaldehyde.

Apart from our Ecomission Platform, Bioset T8000/T8500 has been formulized to reduce odor, pollutants, and smoke emissions by using a blend of methyl ester vegetable oils as well as a silica-based solvent.

This system provides high tensile strengths and superior hot strengths when used in Ferrous Applications as compared to a conventional system.

For more information on Bioset T8000/T8500, please see our Bioset T Technical Presentation.

Bioset opTa80 / Bioset opTa85

As HAI's new and second generation of the Bioset T family of products, the Bioset opTa80 and Bioset opTa85 resin packages will continue to move HAI and the foundry market toward a green future.

The Bioset opTa80/opTa85 package was designed to have similar smoke and odor reductions as compared to the original Bioset T system with great economic value.

A reformulation of our current formula, Bioset opTa80/85, will also provide similar tensile and hot strength compared to Bioset T8000/T8500.

For more information on Bioset opTa80/opTa85, please see our Bioset opTa Presentation

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Reduced Smoke and Odor Comparison


Technical Assistance

HAI can help you optimize your operation, improve your performance, and help you choose components to meet all your core-making needs. HAI will help you choose the right Part 1 to Part 2 ratios for your operation. Contact us today and let one of our experienced employees help you find the best binder to achieve your goals.

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