we are HA-International

Serving as the Largest Supplier of Products for Core and Mold Production

to the North American metal casting industry. Created as a joint venture in 2001, today we are part of the global HA Group. Our parent company supplies the global metal casting industry through a highly integrated network of subsidiary and affiliated companies.

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Our Products

Superior resins, resin coated sands and refractory coatings for today's demanding foundry applications.


Our Commitment To Quality

With over 100 years of global experience and an unmatched portfolio of high-performance resins, resin coated sands, refractory coatings, and metal feeding systems - just about every grain of sand runs through us.

We don't make the casting... WE MAKE IT BETTER!

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Our Innovations

The latest technology available in the foundry industry.

CastTherm Specialty Sands & Additives

New solutions and Products for all industries.


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Enviroset® 3D Jet Resin

Enviroset® 3D Jet Resin is for use in all 3D printers for sand molds and cores.


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CHEMEX Feeding Systems

Investing In Innovation For Every Casting Challenge


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Custom Coat

Resin Coated Sand designed for today's demanding foundry applications.


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Our Commitment To The Environment

Minimizing our impact on the environment is part of HAI's EcoMission. Our goal is to minimize foundry environmental impact throughout our product's life cycles, with an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

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