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Cordis Binders

Advantages of inorganic binders:

Reduction of the exposition at the workplace and the emissions in the environment

  • Compliance with future environmental protection laws
  • Economic advantages through minimal exhaust air technology
  • Improvement of health protection for the employees
Liquid sodium silicate binder (one or two components)
Powder additive (enhances properties such as shakeout & humidity resistance)
Mixed similar to current resins
Curing action cased by dehydration of water
Increasing productivity by optimizing the tool life

  • No condensate build-up
Improvement of casting quality by:

  • Reduction of porosities by gas evolution from sand cores
  • Realization of even more complex core geometries


Why use inorganic binders?

  • Good storage stability
  • High strength levels
  • Good flowability
  • Robot handling
  • No sand adhesion
  • Easy decoring
  • Cycle times comparable to cold box

To learn more view our Cordis Technical Data Sheets.

Technical Assistance

HAI can help you optimize your operation, improve your performance, and help you chose components to meet all your core making needs. HAI will help you choose the right Part 1 to Part 2 ratios for your operation. Contact us today and let one of our experienced employees help you find the best binder to achieve your goals.

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