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Quality, Research & Development

State of the Art Facilities

HA-International’s Research and Development facilities are housed at the same location as the global headquarters at Westmont, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. The state-of-the-art facilities are capable of conducting analytical chemistry evaluations and synthesizing resin polymers and coatings for applications in the foundry field.

The laboratories are also equipped with sand-mixing and core-making equipment that is capable of simulating the use of our products in the foundry environment. Our R&D test methods are critical in relation to assuring HAI products meet all of the requirements for producing sound castings in your foundry.

R&D Team

HAI supports the largest R&D staff in the industry dedicated to improving technology in the sand binder, refractory coating and resin coated sand fields.

The members of the HA-International R&D Team have the benefit of decades of experience in the foundry field, and combined knowledge and resources of two parent companies which are global leaders in the foundry products market.

HAI maintains a high profile in relation to new and improved products for the foundry industry and our innovative R&D efforts will continue to emphasize improvement to enhance foundry productivity.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence defines HA-International’s performance standard. It represents our commitment to continuously improving everything we do.

HA-International is the leading industry producer of foundry resins, resin coated sands, and refractory coating and has earned this market leadership position and outstanding reputation through a long-term commitment to operational excellence.

HA-International products are manufactured at three primary locations in North America:

  • Resin coated sand plant, Oregon, IL (view video)
  • Resin plant, Louisville, KY
  • Refractory coating plant, Toledo, OH. (view video)

ISO Certification

All of HA-International’s primary manufacturing facilities have met the rigorous quality standards required for ISO 9001:2015 certification.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 is the most updated standard of its kind and focuses on quality management systems and performance. It assists companies in developing a management system that aligns quality with their wider business strategy. There is a focus on risk-based thinking and accountability in all organizational processes that help improve communications, efficiency, and implementation of continuous improvement.

HA-International also supplies products manufactured at a number of strategic locations across North America and has ongoing programs at all locations to maintain and expand our certification under both ISO and QS guidelines.

ABS Quality Evaluations COC
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