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Our Company History

Company History

The roots of our company stretch back more than 100 years. Today, Hüttenes-Albertus is a globally successful family business. 

Created as a joint venture company in 2001 between Delta-HA (Hüttenes Albertus) and Borden Chemicals, HA-International, LLC serves the North American foundry industry as the largest supplier of products for core and mold production.

Today, HA-International, LLC is part of the global HA Group. Our parent organization, Hüttenes Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH, is highly integrated with the global chemical industry and supplies the global foundry industry through a network of subsidiaries and affiliated companies.

About the Company

HA-International offers the North American foundries the most comprehensive range of products supported in four market segments: Resins Systems for bonding sand; Resin Coated Sands (RCS) for the shell process; Refractory Coatings; and Chemex feeding systems.

Resin systems include shell resins, ester-cured phenolic coldbox and nobake resins, phenolic urethane coldbox and nobake resins, acid-curing furan and phenolic resins, hot box resins, and inorganic binders. RCS’s available from HAI include products for general purpose, aluminum, low nitrogen, and specialty coated sands such as zircon. Refractory coatings include products for iron, steel, and lost foam applications and foundry ancillary products such as adhesives and release agents.

A Tradition of Innovation

The revolution of the foundry industry continued as increased mechanization and automation were followed by calls for more environmentally friendly solutions. Core shops developed and quickly adopted new core binder technologies ranging from shell molding, furan resin, water glass, warm/hot box to cold box and inorganics. Foundry additives, including feeders and coatings, gradually expanded the company’s product portfolio.

Today for Tomorrow

The company’s 1,800 employees are dedicated to providing our customers worldwide with expert advice and support. Systematic expansion builds on existing business to strengthen the leading position of Hüttenes-Albertus in the global foundry markets.

Standing still means falling behind. At HA, we combine tradition with innovation. We learned from our founding fathers that innovation is the decisive driving force. Therefore,  we constantly continue to refine and improve our products and solutions. With such strong and stable roots, we can look beyond the horizon as we strive to innovate, add value for our customers, and protect the environment.

The company achieved two significant milestones in late 2017 with the inauguration of two innovation hubs, the HA Center of Competence (CoC) and a new laboratory in the Hanover region. Hüttenes-Albertus aspires to be the world’s most innovative foundry chemistry company and fully recognizes the importance of innovation as one of the key factors for maintaining a competitive advantage.


Serving as the Largest Supplier of Products for Core and Mold Production

to the North American metal casting industry. Created as a joint venture in 2001, today we are part of the global HA Group. Our parent company supplies the global metal casting industry through a highly integrated network of subsidiary and affiliated companies.