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Die Coatings

HAI offers foundries a wide range of die coatings for gravity and low-pressure casting.

Permanent Mold Coatings play a crucial role in both the outward appearance and internal quality of castings. They transfer the contour of the steel mold to the casting and influence the solidification rate of the melt depending on the type of mold coating used.

The permanent mold coating prevents the melt from coming into direct contact with the steel mold and thereby avoids welding. It also makes it easier to fill the die and avoid cold runs. The mold coating’s specific insulating effect allows the feeding process to be controlled and a dense structure to be achieved without internal defects (blowholes).


Good permanent mold coatings need to be insensitive to temperature fluctuations during the casting and solidification processes. They also need to resist abrasion caused by the melt flow or during removal from the mold.

The permanent mold coating should have a long service life and perform consistently, as well as being easy to remove whenever the tool needs to be reconfigured.

The permanent mold coating should also be easy to apply with normal spraying equipment and at different temperatures.


The aim of our ongoing development work is to further extend the service life of permanent mold tooling. At the same time, we also want to make it easier than ever before to remove castings from molds.

Our development teams are also focused on HAI's traditional aspiration of always offering the best possible product to each of our customers, which includes making our permanent mold coatings even easier and safer to use without the need for special tools or skills.

HAI offers a wide range of permanent mold coatings

From ultra-fine and low-insulation (for thicker-walled castings with the highest-quality, smooth surfaces) to rougher, high-insulation die coatings for very thin-walled castings with long flow paths, HAI has them all. And thanks to their lubricating properties, our permanent mold coatings also make it easier to remove the castings from the mold.

HAI offers several permanent mold coatings, each with a lubricating effect and a different blend of active ingredients. These permanent mold coatings can also be used as a stand-alone system, thereby eliminating the widespread practice of applying a base coating followed by a working coating. HAI offers the optimal products to meet all of our customer’s specific requirements.

As a result, foundries are able to achieve great-looking castings with smooth and uniform surfaces every time.



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