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Adhesives for the foundry industry

HA International has been supplying foundries with a wide variety of adhesives for many years. These are adhesives for cold and hot curing applications and for curing in the microwave.

In the field of cold and microwave curing, adhesives are mainly used, the main components of which are special water glasses and inorganic fillers. As a result, these adhesives release almost no gases when heated and are, therefore, preferably used for bonding critical core packages.

A wide range of adhesives with different properties is also available for special applications.

HA-adhesive assortment

Hot-melt adhesive: Adhesive based on polysaccharides, curing by oven drying, especially for hot box and cold box moulding materials in use.

Cold-melt adhesive: Adhesive on the basis of water glass in different viscosities, universally applicable, curing in air, to accelerate by heating.

Shell adhesive: Adhesive based on thermally curing resins, especially suitable for hot-curing processes (Hot-Box).

Fast-adhesive: Adhesives that cure quickly due to low-volatile solvents.

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Parting Agents for the foundry industry

Parting agents are used to facilitate the molding process significantly by effectively reducing the adhesive forces that hold the mold or core to the pattern/corebox. This simplifies the manufacture of sound molds and cores and protects the corebox.

HA offers highly effective parting agents for all mold and core making processes:

  • Bentonite-bonded green sand
  • Acid-curing phenolic and furan resin molding sand
  • Ester curing phenolic resins (e.g. Alpha-Set process)
  • Inorganic binder systems
  • Gas curing molding materials (Cold-Box, Beta Set, waterglass-CO2, and ester processes)
  • Molding sands cured in hot core boxes (Hot-Box and Shell molding process)

The range of products extends from

  • Solvent-based products in combination with special polysiloxanes, waxes, or other “parting” substances and

  • water-based special emulsions to

  • special parting lacquers with properties that prevent the buildup of sand in critical areas, even under extreme mechanical stress conditions. 

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