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Companion and Auxiliary Products

A full line of products to complement your foundry process

Companion and Auxiliary Products

HA-International offers a complete line of Companion and Auxiliary products for the foundry process. Our Companion product line is the perfect match for your Resin and Resin Coated Sand products, while our Auxiliary product line rounds out the rest of your foundry needs.

Companion Products

Companion Products

Metal Cleaners

AcAttack is a non-chlorinated blend of ingredients formulated for cleaning tooling and core boxes.

This companion product can be used in conjunction with our complete line of Resin and Resin Coated Sand products.

This family of products comes in 2 grades: high reactivity and medium reactivity formulas created to meet your unique foundry needs.
Products Features
AcAttack HR High Reactivity
AcAttack MR Medium Reactivity

Release Agents

Our Nix Stix family of release agents is designed specifically to complement our Resin product offerings.

Formulas specifically designed for Cold Box, No-Bake, and Heat Cured processes include solvent-based and Low Volatile Organic Compound (LVOC) formulas to meet your environmental needs. 

Key advantages of this product line are the reduction in the build-up on tooling, rapid drying, better core definition, and easier stripping of cores.
Products Features
NixStix CB Solvent Based for Cold Box
NixStix CB Spray Solvent Based Spray for Cold Box
NixStix CB/NB FastDry Fast Dry for Cold Box and No Bake
NixStix CB LVOC Water Based Low VOC for Cold Box
NixStix NB Heat Cured Water Based Low VOC

Shell Adhesive

Our ShellWeld product line offers both ready-to-use and high-viscosity hot shell core and mold pastes that can be applied directly to hot shell cores and molds.

When applied to a hot shell core or mold, ShellWeld does not boil or dry out rapidly, thus allowing machine operators sufficient time to position cores and mold halves.

Our ShellWeld products also utilize a renewable resource (vegetable oil) as the liquid carrier and are a perfect companion to our Resin Coated Sand products for the Shell process.
Products Features
ShellWeld Bottle/Fixture Bottle and Fixture Application
ShellWeld Auto Squeegee/Automation Application

Auxiliary Products

Auxiliary Products

Core Pastes

Our core paste adhesive line, CoreWeld, comes in two forms, standard and thick, to offer the most variability in set-up time.

Our water-based formula is a ready-to-use air-dry pink paste that is silica free. It is ideal for automatic dispensing systems because it does not contain material that will abrade or wear out equipment.

Our acetone-based formula utilizes a fast-drying organic solvent that is not classified as a VOC or HAP and is strong in tensile strength and green in color for easy application.

You can learn more about our CoreWeld product line offerings.
Products Features
CoreWeld NB Stnd Standard Water Based Formula for No Bake
CoreWeld NB Thick Thick Water Based Formula for No Bake
CoreWeld NB FastDry Stnd Standard Fast Dry Formula for No Bake
CoreWeld NB FastDry Thick Thick Fast Dry Formula for No Bake
CoreWeld Dip Dip Formula

Green Sand Parting

Our KwikDraw product line is formulated as an economical green sand release agent that demonstrates excellent release characteristics with all types of automated molding machines.

Our product line includes KwikDraw HiSolids, a highly concentrated premium green sand release agent that gives improved green sand casting surfaces with reduced incidence of sand erosion, scabbing, and other surface gas defects.

KwikDraw HiFlash is a low-viscosity green sand release agent with a very high flash point hydrocarbon designed for high-production molding machines.
Products Features
KwikDraw Auto Standard Automatic Formula
KwikDraw HiSolids High Solids Formula
KwikDraw HiFlash High Flash Point Formula

Powder Core Pastes

Our powder core paste, PowderWeld, is supplied as a dry powder designed to be mixed with water to the customer's desired consistency/viscosity.

PowderWeld resists water pickup in stored molds and resists metal penetration along seams, and can be utilized with all types of resin systems.
Products Features
PowderWeld Powder Formula

Mudding Compounds

HAI's SlikTite product line offers a wide range of mudding compounds to meet all of your foundry needs.

SlikTite Steel is a graphite-free mudding compound designed for use by steel foundries but applicable to all metals.

SlikTite Soft, Medium, and Stiff are graphite mudding compounds designed for general-purpose use with gray and ductile iron.
Products Features
SlikTite Steel Steel
SlikTite Stiff Iron, Brass, Aluminum
SlikTite Medium Iron, Brass, Aluminum
SlikTite Soft Iron, Brass, Aluminum


Reducer 999 is a 99% isopropyl alcohol reducer used as a general-purpose dilutent for alcohol-based coatings. It is classified as a VOC. Reducer 999 is designed for use with HAI’s isopropyl alcohol-based coatings.
Products Features
Reducer 999 99% IPA

Sand Gaskets and Files

Sand Gaskets
Sand gaskets are an extruded, rubber-like rope to be laid on the parting line of the mold, which helps prevent “fins” and “run-outs” by providing a soft, pliable seal between cope and drag. Upon pouring, sand gaskets completely disintegrate to ash and do not contaminate sand systems. It is a one-step application for effectively sealing your mold and is perfect for both the large, high-production foundry and the small jobbing shop.

HAI offers Files in 60, 80, and 120 Grit in a range of sizes and styles (flat, round, half-round) to meet your needs.
Products Features
Sand Gasket AF Various Sizes from 1/8" to 5/8"
Files Various Sizes in 60, 80, and 120 Grit

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