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In 1999, HA introduced Cold-Box systems with shares of silicate-containing solvents to the foundry industry. The Silcure systems are PUCB binders furnished with inorganic solvents. These solvents contain Si compounds in the molecule instead of hydrocarbons. A lower carbon content results in reduced BTX, BTEX, and CO2 emissions. This type of system delivers a low odor and smoke profile during the core-making and casting process. In North America, these systems could be considered the ideal bridge between PUCB binders and Inorganic high-productivity binder systems (IOB).


  • Significantly reduced emissions, fumes, and odour during pouring
  • High thermal stability
  • Very low condensate formation, thus less cleaning effort
  • Low gas formation, thus fewer casting defects (scabbing, gas defects, pinholes)
  • Very suitable for die casting

To learn more view our Silcure Technical Data Sheets.

Technical Assistance

HAI can help you optimize your operation, improve your performance, and help you choose components to meet all your core-making needs. HAI will help you choose the right Part 1 to Part 2 ratios for your operation. 

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