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Mold Lite Plus

HAI's Anchor to the Jobbing Market

Mold Lite Plus

HA-International’s Mold Lite Plus series feature solvent based coatings with the flexibility to meet the needs of the jobbing foundry. Mold Lite Plus coatings allow quick turnaround times from coating application to mold closing, regardless of mold or core size. These products are formulated with many refractory choices to most effectively lower your cost per casting.



  • Faster drying than water based coatings – no ovens required
  • Good light-off properties with no blistering
  • Effective metal penetration resistance
  • Reduce veining defects
  • Excellent coatings suspension
  • Strong coating layer


Flow Coat Applications

Large areas can be covered quickly and completed with flow coating which is ideal for large molds and cores. The Mold Lite Plus series offers coatings designed specifically for flow coating and other applications.


  • Great coating deposit
  • Good leveling properties
  • Reduction of runs and drips


For more information view our Coatings Brochure.

Other Applications

Spray, brush and swab are effective application methods with little equipment required. Large areas and spot application can be covered easily with these methods.


  • Great spray properties
  • Excellent work-ability for brush and swab applications
  • Robust formulations

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