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Amine Catalysts

Sigma Cat Amine Catalysts

HAI's amine catalyst product line, Sigma Cat, is designed for use with our entire line of phenolic urethane cold box resins. Our Sigma Cat products utilize TEA (triethylamine), DMEA (dimethylethylamine), DMIPA (dimethylisopropylamine) and DMPA (dimethylpropylamine) in the vapor form as catalysts in this process.

Product Line

The PUCB process utilizes vaporized amines as the catalyst to initiate a reaction between a phenolic resin and an isocyanate resin to form a urethane bond. HA-International offers Sigma Cat 2185 (TEA), Sigma Cat 2190 (DMIPA), Sigma Cat 2198 (DMPA), and Sigma Cat 2195(DMEA) Amines in both cylinders and drums.

To learn more read our Sigma Cat Technical Data Sheet.

Performance Characteristics

Sigma Cat 2185
Sigma Cat 2190
Sigma Cat 2198
Sigma Cat 2195
Standard Cure Rate Faster Cure Faster Cure Fastest Cure
Low Odor Lowest Odor Low Odor

Better Cure of
Low Permeability Cores

Amine Reclamation

HA-International offers our customers an environmentally conscientious alternative to scrubber solution waste disposal.

With HAI's HARP Amine Reclamation Program, Amine is recovered to virgin specifications using the latest innovations in process technology.

Amine recovery supports HA-International's EcoMission strategy of sustainability, by minimizing the environmental impact of our products.

For information please view our HARP Amine Reclamation Program page.

Return of Empty Cylinders

Empty Sigma Cat cylinders can be returned to the location listed below.


Customers are responsible for the return freight of the empty cylinders.

HA-International, LLC
4243 South Ave
Toledo, OH 43615

Technical Assistance

Proper selection of a binder system that meets your specific needs is key to achieving maximum performance benefits. HAI provides in-depth technical assistance and a wide range of urethane cold box binder systems.

Both our in-house and field experts are available to assist you in your most challenging foundry applications. Contact us today so that we may assist you in putting together a binder system that will help you achieve your goals.