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CastTherm® CR Chromite

CastTherm® CR Chromite for Improved Molding and Casting Properties

CastTherm foundry grade chromite is used for its unique properties, high thermal conductivity, high heat resistance, low thermal expansion, and high cost-effectiveness.

In partnership with Rand York, HA-International, LLC., introduces CastTherm Chromite to the North American foundry market. Rand York Minerals is one of the largest and independently owned foundry chromite ore suppliers globally and the partnership will ensure consistent supply to the market. The material is mined from the principal chromite Ore deposits in South Africa and is produced under high-quality standards to sustain improved molding and casting properties in using the CastTherm Chromite.

Our high-quality CastTherm Chromite product is available in multiple grades from 45 to 80 GFN. The controlled mining, multi-stage cleaning, drying, screening, and packaging into bulk bags ensure for low moisture, consistent screen distribution, and low turbidity.

The benefits of CastTherm CR Chromite

  • Available GFNs - 45, 60, and 80 with normal distributions whether for heavy sections or when finer surface finish is needed for intricate detail
  • Availability of the finer grades offers a lower cost option compared to zircon and ceramic
  • Double-bagging to ensure product is kept dry while minimizing handling and segregation
  • High chromium oxide chemistry maximizes a high rate of heat transfer providing excellent chilling characteristics
  • Low silica content <1%, ensuring consistent sinter points for heavy section applications
  • Low turbidity, indicating a cleaner substrate
  • Eliminates veining and improves casting surface finish

CastTherm 45

CastTherm 45 is used for molding and ingate area applications where high thermal conductivity, heat resistance, and high dimensional stability is critical.

To learn more view our CastTherm 45 Technical Data Sheets.

CastTherm 60 and 80

CastTherm 60 and 80 Chromite are used for ferrous and non-ferrous molding applications where high thermal conductivity, heat resistance high dimensional stability and casting surface finish is critical.

To learn more view our CastTherm 60 Technical Data Sheets.

To learn more view our CastTherm 80 Technical Data Sheets.

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