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The Chemex App


With the latest update of the Chemex app, customers can find the right feeder system for their casting, have the option to view 3D models with an augmented reality function, request a sample delivery, and much more.

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As a member of the HA Group, Chemex Foundry Solutions offers its customers worldwide modern feeder systems. To find the right solution for the different challenges of the foundries, the expert teams of Chemex focus on personal advice and customer support. But Chemex also wants to support its customers with digital tools. The digitalization of the foundry industry is proceeding, and digital platforms must offer benefits and make everyday work more accessible. With this goal in mind, Chemex is also constantly developing its own digital services.

The Chemex app already offers a variety of benefits for its users - with the latest update, Chemex has added even more exciting features.

Until now, the Chemex app served as a digital product catalog of the feeder range. With the recent relaunch of the app, it now offers customers a kind of knowledge platform on feeder technology.


Product Finder

With the " Product Finder" in the app, users can approximate a casting with the help of simple, predefined replacement geometries. After specifying the most essential length dimensions and the weight and alloy used, the app provides all suitable feeding systems from the Chemex portfolio. The resulting pre-selection can be additionally filtered according to other relevant sizes, such as the feeder's height.


To better visualize the different types of feeders, the app has an augmented reality (AR) function. Since the latest update, this has also been optimized for the newest catalog version, which will be released soon. The AR function enables the user to create a virtual 3D model by scanning the marked catalog pages. This 3D model can be viewed from all sides, rotated, and disassembled if it is a multi-part feeder. In addition, each feeder can be displayed in half-section.

The Chemex showroom of the app can also be used without having a catalog at hand. All app functions and views are available without using the AR function.


The Chemex App as a Knowledge Platform

In addition, the current update of the Chemex app allows users to view animated videos of the individual feeder types directly in the app. These explain how Chemex feeders are used, how they work, and in which casting process the different feeder types are used, based on an exemplary casting process. The explanatory texts in the animated videos are also available in German and English. More videos and animations on the subject of feeder technology will follow in the future.

Unit Calculator

Another helpful feature of the redesigned Chemex app is the unit calculator, which can be used to convert various units, such as pounds or inches, easily. With the update, even more units are now available for the conversion.