Resin Systems

The industry’s most comprehensive lineup of organic and inorganic resin systems to accommodate any casting application and meet all your foundry needs.



Cold Box Systems

HAI’s Cold Box resins are the best in the business when it comes to high core strengths, long mixed sand bench life, humidity resistance, and release characteristics.

Sigma Cure

HAI's leading cold box product line, SigmaCure, along with the companion amine catalyst product line, Sigma Cat, utilizes the Phenolic Urethane Cold Box (PUCB) process.


An environmentally advantageous alternative, Biocure, is a Low VOC Biodiesel solvent system for reduced volatile emissions and improved process performance.


BETASET systems unique water soluble phenolic chemistry offers a fast cold box cure and can be applied to a highly automated environment.


HAI's also offers a complete line of catalysts designed for use with our entire line of cold box resins.

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No Bake Systems

HAI’s No Bake systems encompass diverse chemistries to offer high performance and environmental advantages to jobbing foundries.


Based on its value and recognized performance, Techniset, is the most commonly used product in the industry for No Bake applications.


Designed for odor and smoke reduction, Bioset offers the same performance characteristics of our leading Techniset product line.


ALpHASET's unique water soluble phenolic chemistry can be used with all types of sand and provides foundries with high quality castings, less cleaning room costs, and increased profits.


HA International provides the industry’s most comprehensive lineup of Phenolic Urethane No Bake (PUNB), Furan No Bake (FNB) and Phenolic No Bake (PNB) Acid Cure Resin Systems.

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Warm Box Systems & Shell Resins

Foundries interested in increased productivity appreciate the diversity of performance capabilities offered by HAI's Warm Box and Shell Resins.


HAI’s leading Warm Box Resin, Envirotherm, is designed for use in a broad variety of casting application. It is a high tensile strength resin that provides improved core quality, reduced cycle times and lower cure temperatures.


HAI produces the most complete line of liquid and solid phenolic shell resins in the foundry industry, including our leading Shell Resin, Plastiflake.


Contact us today and let one of our experienced employees help you find the right resin to meet your foundry needs.

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Tote Recycling

HA International offers our North American foundry customers an environmentally conscientious alternative for Resin Tote disposal.

At HA International we are committed to providing information to our customers regarding environmentally responsible handling of our products and containers.

Please view our Resin Tote Recycling Program for more information or call Toll-Free: 1-888-211-7104

Note: This Tote Recycling Program only applies to Resins.

Resin Tote Fittings

All Foundry Resin totes utilize a Cam-Lock fitting system for Part 1 and Part 2 totes.

  • All Part 1 resins are 2” fittings, totes have white corners.
  • All Part 2 resins are 1.5” fittings, totes have red corners.
  • All Techniset Activators and ALpHACURE hardeners are 1.5” fittings.

Please view our Resin Tote Fittings Overview on how to properly connect these fittings.

EcoMission Products

HA International supports sustainability by minimizing foundry environmental impact of our products while continually improving their performance and value. All of our environmentally friendly Resin products are marked with a leaf.

Learn more about our other environmentally friendly product lines and how HAI is Leading the Mission to Environmental Sustainability.