EcoLite refractory coatings feature the latest light-off / fast drying technology. By using VOC-Exempt solvent packages, the flexibility and advantages of solvent based coatings can now be realized while minimizing the permitting of VOCs. Whether lowering the VOC impact of alcohol coatings or increasing productivity of water based coating applications, EcoLite coatings provide a unique value to today’s foundry.


  • Fast Drying – No Oven Requirement
  • Low Flame on Light-off
  • Good Application Properties
  • Low Odor Compared to Isopropanol or Hydrocarbon Formulas

Featured Products:

EcoLite 4020: Zircon refractory for all casting sizes and most alloys
Reducer E63: VOC-Exempt solvent for dilution of EcoLite products.

EcoLite 4020 Technical Data PDF
Reducer E63 Technical Data PDF