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370399 - Envirotherm 170WF Resin

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Product Line Description:

The Warm Box System is a recent development in core-making technology. The resin is a high furfuryl alcohol content copolymer. The catalysts are acidic solutions of various salts. The resin, catalyst, and release agent are mixed with the sand to form a sand mix with a long shelf life. The mix is then blown into a pattern heated to 300°F to 450°F and cured. The heat from the pattern rapidly accelerates the cure of the resin to an insoluble, infusible solid: The core remains in the box long enough to develop adequate strength to be handled and is then ejected from the box. Curing continues as the core cools.


  • Improved Core Quality

  • High Tensile Strengths

  • Long Bench Life

  • High Core Density

  • Reduced Cycle Times

  • Fewer Casting Defects Due to Gas

  • Lower Formaldehyde Emissions

  • Lower Box Temperatures

  • Good Moisture Resistance


Mixing can be done in either batch, low speed continuous, or high speed continuous mixers. Mixing times depend on the equipment but must be long enough to guarantee a consistent and complete distribution of the chemicals on the sand. In a batch mixer, typical mixing times are two (2) minutes with the catalyst and two (2) minutes with the resin and release agent. Whichever type of mixing is used, the final sand mix must be free of "resin balls" and unmixed sand.

Health & Safety Information:

Furan and Phenolic hot box and warm box resins can generate formaldehyde vapors during use. Formaldehyde exposure monitoring may be warranted. Customers must develop and deploy appropriate engineering controls, procedures, and/or PPE to prevent exposure above applicable criteria and/or personnel injury. Personnel handling these products must receive hazard communication training.

Carefully review the MSDS for safety information that may be relevant to your operations. Develop the means to manage product hazards before ordering. Contact our product safety group if you require assistance in understanding or managing these issues.