Product Information

343291 - Betaset 2003

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Product Line Description:

Betaset has two distinct advantages over other existing organic cold box systems, specifically: environmental improvement and casting quality. The environmental improvement is due to the fact that the resin is water based and therefore does not have the odors or VOC issues associated with solvent based systems. The methyl formate curing agent, BETACURE® 100, has no apparent unpleasant odor under normal conditions. This characteristic makes the Betaset more acceptable to employees.

This process offers many advantages over amine; SO2 or CO2 cured cold box systems. The advantages listed below relate to one or more of the competitive systems.

No or Low NitrogenReduced Expansion Defects
No SulfurNo Sulfur
No Unpleasant OdorsUse Reclaimed Sand
Good Core StoragePotential for Reduced Emission Control

The casting improvements are in several important areas:

  1. Reduction of casting expansion defects because of the thermosetting nature of the binder system.

  2. Reduction in casting defects because of the elimination of sulfur and minimal nitrogen.

  3. Elimination of carbon flotation defects

  4. No other additives such as iron oxides, clays, etc. are generally required.

Health & Safety Information:

BETACURE® 100 is highly flammable and can cause serious illness or death if inhaled or ingested. Customers must employ appropriate procedures and personnel training to prevent fire or explosion, and personnel exposure above published exposure criteria. Personnel must be trained to seek medical attention in the event of significant exposures, particularly incidents involving inhalation or ingestion.

Betaset resins are corrosive liquids.  Customers must develop effective procedures to prevent personnel exposure to liquid products and provide employee training on hazard recognition, hazard management, and proper response to exposure incidents.

Carefully review the MSDS for safety information that may be relevant to your operations. Develop the means to manage product hazards before ordering. Contact our product safety group if you require assistance in understanding or managing these issues.