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338915 - Bioset 6636 UNB Pt2

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Product Line Description:

Techniset binder systems are used for general purpose no bake applications in ferrous and non ferrous applications. The system is formulated to contain no reportable formaldehyde. Typical performance features include:

  • Unique Internal Release Characteristic

  • High Tensile Strength

  • Low VOC’s

  • Low Free Formaldehyde

Techniset is a phenolic urethane resin system which uses a Phenolic resin (Part 1) used in conjunction with an MDI-type isocyanate resin (Part 2). Typically, both the Part 1 and Part 2 resin components are mixed with suitable new sand, normally silica or lake sand, or reclaimed sand, in ratios ranging from 50/50 to 60/40, and with total resin content in the range of 0.8% to 2.0% based on the weight of the sand. The sand mix also includes an amine catalyst (Part 3), which is pumped into the Part 1 resin stream just prior to discharge into the sand, or premixed with the Part 1 resin. This catalyst is typically used at a level of from 2 - 10 % (based on the Part 1) to achieve the desired cure speed. The selection of an appropriate catalyst will allow a wide range of strip times to be achieved.

Health & Safety Information:

Fire, equipment damage, and personnel exposure may occur if Part 1 and 2 components are mixed together without adequate sand to absorb the heat of the resulting reaction. Ensure your facility has good labeling, safety procedures, and training to prevent inadvertent mixing, and specifically unloading mistakes. Emergency plans should address inadvertent resin mixing if these products are handled in bulk quantities.

Some PUNB resins generate formaldehyde vapors during use. Formaldehyde exposure monitoring may be warranted. Customers must develop and deploy appropriate engineering controls, procedures, and/or PPE to prevent exposure above applicable criteria and/or personnel injury. Personnel handling these products must receive hazard communication training.

PUNB Part 2 resins are formulated with MDI, which in rare cases may cause sensitization (allergic reaction) among exposed workers. These products should never be sprayed or heated during use. Medical monitoring programs are recommended for personnel working in areas where these products are handled. Customers must develop effective procedures to prevent skin exposure to liquid products and provide employee training on hazard recognition, hazard management, and proper response to exposure incidents.

PUNB Catalysts contain toxic ingredients that can be hazardous when handled in the liquid form. Customers must develop effective procedures to prevent personnel exposure to liquid products and their vapors, and provide employee training on hazard recognition, hazard management, and proper response to exposure incidents.

Carefully review the MSDS for safety information that may be relevant to your operations. Develop the means to manage product hazards before ordering. Contact our product safety group if you require assistance in understanding or managing these issues.