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Product Information

305857 - ALPHASET® 9010

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Product Line Description:

The ALpHASET System is a no-bake foundry binder system utilizing new, unique technology developed and patented by Borden Chemical, Inc. Providing improvements to the foundry environment, this two-part, water-soluble resin system allows the production of improved quality castings.


In the mid 70’s, Borden Chemical Inc. undertook a research program to develop an organic foundry binder system that offered:

  1. Improvements to the foundry environment (internally / externally).

  2. Superior casting performance like the “silicate” binders.

  3. The advantages of existing “organic” binders.

The resulting product was the ALpHASET System, which consists of an alkaline phenolic resin cured with an organic ester. Initial introduction was made in England in the early 80’s and since then the ALpHASET System has grown to become a commercially significant binder throughout Europe, North America, South America and the Far East.

Recent developments in phenolic ester technology have provided a series of resins and hardener systems designed to meet the specific needs of individual foundries to optimize performance, especially where reclaimed sands are utilized.

Health & Safety Information:

ALpHASET resins are corrosive liquids.  Customers must develop effective procedures to prevent personnel exposure to liquid products and provide employee training on hazard recognition, hazard management, and proper response to exposure incidents.

Some ALpHASET resins can release formaldehyde vapors during use. Formaldehyde exposure monitoring may be warranted. Customers must develop and deploy appropriate engineering controls, procedures, and/or PPE to prevent exposure above applicable criteria and/or personnel injury. Personnel handling these products must receive hazard communication training.

Carefully review the MSDS for safety information that may be relevant to your operations. Develop the means to manage product hazards before ordering. Contact our product safety group if you require assistance in understanding or managing these issues.