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The Hexion Louisville Resin Plant will be closed for the holidays beginning at the close of business on Friday, December 21, re-opening on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. Please place orders for Hexion materials to ship through December 21, and January 2 - 9, 2019 no later than Friday November 30, 2018.

Business Highlights

AFS Cast Expo 2019

Cast Expo 2019

April 27-30, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia

Booth #1219

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HAI Feeder Technology - Powered by Chemex

Finally, a feeding material that provides a shrinkage free casting and increases casting productivity even on the most complex designs.

Patented Tele-feeder Systems are especially ideal for complex castings including intricate designs and rapid molding processes. This technology uniquely allows feeder placement in previously inaccessible locations.

Significant Benefits:

  • Increases productivity with higher yield and faster cleaning time

  • Increases quality with reduced casting scrap and rework

  • Reduces environmental footprint with reduced energy

  • Expands the locations for feeder placement

  • Reduces surface defects with fluorine-free material

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Wedron Flux Processing System - Announcements

  • New drossing, clearing and degassing fluxes for copper based alloys. Eco grades reduce porosity by removing dissolved gasses in your copper based alloys. Simple plunge applications are very effective in reducing your scrap rate.

  • Our new Zinc flux can be used on emersion tube melting and holding furnaces without corrosion concerns.

  • HA International has the only non-reactive commercial grade LEAD flux. Reduce the metallic content of your dross. Weight reduction saves not just alloy, it's an ergonomic savings. A reduction of up to 40% in weight will reduce operator injuries.

  • Our Rotaflux and Injection systems have been upgraded and now have the ability to harvest data. Now you can find out what happened on third shift two weeks ago. Our systems record all functions or each cleaning and degassing cycle:

    1. Retained Data Options
    2. Operator Identification
    3. Ladle or Furnace Identification
    4. Time and Date
    5. Gas Flow Rates
    6. Flux Addition
    7. Rotor Speed
    8. Rotor Amp Draw Indicates Performance
    9. Cycle Times, Injection & Purge

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Evolution of Foundry Shell Sand for Today's Foundry

Simple Solutions That Work - (Issue 9, September 2018)

The Shell Sand process or "Croning" process was invented by Dr. Johannes Croning in Hamburg, Germany in 1944. This process is the oldest core and mold making technology that utilizes synthetic resins. Although many additional sand core and molding making technologies have since been introduced, the Shell Sand process is still a very effective core and molding process today.

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Enviroset 3D Jet Resin

Enviroset 3D Jet Resin, is a low viscosity thermosetting furan resin that has been specially manufactured for use in all 3D Printers for sand cores and molds and is suitable for use with all types of metal. This furan resin offers a number of features and benefits that set it apart from conventional furan resins on the market — contains no nitrogen, low water, non-reportable formaldehyde and phenol, low viscosity and high tensile strength

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ISO Certification

HAI - ISO 9001

All of HA International's primary manufacturing facilities have met the rigorous quality standards required for ISO 9001:2015 certification. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 is the most updated standard of its kind and focuses on quality management systems and performance. It assists companies in developing a management system that aligns quality with their wider business strategy.

View our certificate here: ISO Certification

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CC EcoFlo is an environmentally friendly resin coated sand that is part of the HA International EcoMission product line. CC EcoFlo is designed to both reduce ammonia and formaldehyde emissions while improving humidity resistance compared to other environmental grades. CC EcoFlo maintains strength in shell cores, emits minimal ammonia, and most importantly, reduces lumping propensity, even in hot and humid conditions.

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HA International is seeking qualified candidates to join our growing team!

June 2018

HA International is investing in its future and looking for experienced sales, technical service, management and product development professionals to join our team. If you are highly motivated and have experience selling and servicing foundries or have a successful work record working in a foundry, please give us a call.

While others in this industry are reducing their investment, HA International continues to grow and expand both domestically and internationally. Our single goal is to provide superior resins, resin coated sands, refractory coatings and metal feeding systems to help all foundries make the highest quality metal castings at less cost, with the lowest environmental impact.

Please email resumes with cover letter to: careers@ha-international.com

Doug Trinowski Presents Hoyt Memorial Lecture

April 2017

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin - (April 2017) - The American Foundry Society’s Hoyt Memorial Lecture was established in 1938 and has been a highlight of every AFS Metal Casting Congress since then. The chosen lecturer is selected for his/her contributions to the metal casting industry and this year HA International’s Douglas Trinowski was given the honor of presenting the lecture. His presentation was on “The Power and Need for Research in Metalcasting”. Doug gave an engaging presentation on past metalcasting research that has led to measurable improvements in the industry and focused on the need for continued research as supported by AFS. He also outlined many examples of critical needs and challenges in the industry that can only be resolved with organized research. Finally, Doug focused some time on how research is conducted in various countries and the need for improving the technical transfer process.

Doug is the former Vice President of Research and Development for HA International and the current Director of Special Projects. We are a successful organization today due in large part to the leadership of Doug and the contributions of him and his team over many years.

Hüttenes-Albertus Announces Purchase of Hexion's Interest in HA-International, LLC

June 1, 2016

DüSSELDORF, Germany and COLUMBUS, Ohio, USA / - (June 1, 2016) - Hexion Inc. ("Hexion") and Hüttenes- Albertus Chemische Werke GmbH ("HA") today announced that Hexion has sold its 50% interest in HA-International, LLC ("HAI"), a joint venture serving the North American foundry industry, to its joint venture partner HA-USA, Inc., an entity controlled by HA.

HAI is the market leading manufacturer and supplier of foundry resin systems, resin coated sand for shell molding and refractory coatings for North America. HAI will continue a strategic sourcing arrangement with Hexion's Louisville, Kentucky site. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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HAI Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

April 14, 2016

While this is the 15th year since becoming HA International, we celebrate a rich history that dates back over 80 years. This year marks 15 years since Delta-HA and Borden Chemical successfully merged to create HA International. On their own, these two organizations enjoyed a rich history in supplying quality products and cutting edge technology to the North American foundry industry. For the past 15 years, HA International has leveraged these past successes to become the leading supplier of resins, resin coated sand, refractory coatings and additional product lines that support the industry.

We recognize that the industry is facing new challenges which we believe will open the door for opportunity. HA International�s philosophy, rooted in passion for performance, quality, consistency and customer focus, drives us to re-invent our products and services. This year we look forward to a pipeline of innovations, from updated product technology, to the recent launch of a customer facing app and modernized website. We are excited about what�s brewing at HAI and we look forward to another 15 years of sharing success with our customers.